Cabo de las Huertas / Playa de San Juan

Cabo de las Huertas is a cape between San Juan beach and Albufereta beach. This is a unique beach that will allow you to enjoy an unforgettable experience. Its coves are ideal to enjoy the sea with tranquility, its transparent waters and its rocky bottoms are ideal for diving and snorkelling.

At the east, a lighthouse is located to facilitate navigation.

Coordinates: 38º 21′ 11” N – 0º 24′ 17 W
Seabed: Rocks and algae
Distance from the base port: 4 nautical miles

San Juan beach, in the past known as Platja de l’Horta, is from Cabo de las Huertas in its southern end to Rincón de la Zofra in the north. It is an open beach with very high-quality fine sands that offers areas for doing different sports like tennis, beach volley, mini soccer and other children’s games, rent of hammocks, umbrellas and public WC. It also has easy access public parking near the beach, an educational play area for the mentally handicapped and an area with disabled access during the summer months. Located in an area with lots of apartments and services, restaurants and beach bars. It’s an excellent place to anchor the boat and swim placidly.

Coordinates: 38º 21′ 11” N – 0º 24′ 17” W
Seabed: Sand
Distance from the base port: 5 nautical miles