Illeta dels Banyets


Here we can visit one of the most known and earliest excavated archaeological sites of Alicante: La Isleta or Illeta dels Banyets. It is located in the municipality of Campello, about 9 kilometres away from the city of Alicante.

Illeta dels Banyets is a narrow and long promontory with a surface of 10,000 square metres, 4,000 square metres of which make up the archaeological site. In spite of its reduced extension, this site is of great importance due to its huge cultural blend, because it hovers remains of the Bronze Age, prior to those that constitute an Iberian site, where remains of a Roman town can be found. Furthermore, remains of Islamic constructions tell us about a temporary occupation during the Medieval Ages.

Next to the archaeological site there are several pools in the sea, they were Roman fish bins which were cut in the rocks and connected to the sea through a number of trap holes and date from between the 1st and the 2nd century. A great variety of fish can be seen, it’s a very pleasant place to visit with children.

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Coordinates: 38º 25′ 55” N – 0º 22′ 53” W
Seabed: Rocks and algae
Distance from the base port: 7 nautical miles